Next porjects:

January 2023:
Manji: Construction of a director's house and planned accommodation for the 62-strong teaching team.

Finished projects, thanks for all donations:

Manji: Solar system installed

January 2023: Thanks to a sponsor and a miracle from God, a modern solar system is now in operation instead of the diesel generator. Now the teachers and secondary school students are allowed to work until 21.30 in good light!

Tyazo: expansion of the secondary school (450 students) and the vocational school (250), construction of three dormitories

Start of the project in February 2021. Both schools have existed for years, but the finances have been lacking to this day. 

« Groupe Scolaire Umucyo» Karengera New bedrooms for the girls

(Buildingtime 5.2020 - 3.2021) For some time now, the school authorities have demanded more sleeping places for girls and larger distances between the bunk beds. Under the direction of Philemon, the new 2-story building with room for 360 girls was built in Karengera.