Manji – a special school and community centre

At over 2000m above sea level, the Congo-Nile watershed, a church and a primary school were built at the beginning of the 1990s as part of an agricultural development project.

The poor rural population was enthusiastic and therefore made a unique contribution during the construction. Unfortunately, the genocide of 1994 stopped the ambitious agricultural project, but not the courage of the young community to tackle it and, with God's blessings, to do what they could.

112 children attend the nursery school. Thanks to the generous help of Compassion International these 250 children are quite well protected against the cold up here. 469 boys and 459 girls attend primary school. 236 boys and 250 girls study in the 6-year secondary school. A warm lunch gives them the strength to study until the evening before they start their way home.

The recent inauguration of new premises, which could be realized thanks to our support, became an unforgettable celebration for teachers, parents and children. A further expansion is already planned in view of the increasing number of pupils.

Nursery school
Primary school pupils
Secondary school students
Thanks to a sponsor, we were able to install a solar system in January 2023.