From the watershed of the Congo and Nile rivers, at an altitude of over 2500 m above sea level, down to Lake Kivu at 1400 m above sea level, in the middle of this hilly landscape, is the marketplace of Karengera. A few hundred meters above this marketplace is the Christian centre of Karengera with its schools and chapels. Karengera is located about 200 km southwest of the capital Kigali.

Alfred and Lucie Tobler have 1970 on invitation of the parish of Karengera, which was founded in 1966, started their pioneer work. Together with local Pastors and Evangelists they brought the "Good News" of Jesus Christ to the inhabitants and a sustainable development of national importance began.

Important parishes and school centres with thousands of Christians and young people who are professionally trained, have been planted. This website wants to report about this in detail in order to give thanks to its sponsors for their tireless and generous support.

Karengera 1970

Pastor Heridioni, leader of the young church Karengera, welcomed us with a crowd of Christians in the autumn of 1970.

Right on time, on our arrival the small, simple hut was ready for us. The blue VW bus served as a transporter during the day and at night as "bedroom." While Lucie, as a nurse, took care of the wounds and needs of the neighbours, Alfred started with young men the construction of our residential house.

Karengera 2020

Pastor Pierre is leading the parish of 1800 members and 12 chapels with great care and dedication. He regularly visits the different chapels with his motorcycle or, as in the case of Mushungo, by boat.

Every Sunday, two hours before the general service, many children are gathering. They sing and listen to God's word. For them, the Sunday school is a much appreciated event.

The primary school has recently been renovated and expanded to the delight of the teachers and the more than 800 pupils. 250 children of the poorest families in the area are lovingly cared by Compassion International and benefit also of the new rooms.

Boarding school

On 18 October 1993, Alfred Tobler as the designated director of "Groupe Scolaire Karengera", welcomed the first 91 secondary school students. Despite great political tensions we experienced the months leading up to Easter 1994 under special heavenly blessings.

Then, on April 6, 1994 the Genocide that cost hundreds of thousands of life’s started. Thousands fled to neighbouring countries. Those who remained were old people, orphans and widows...

It was not until May 1995 that the secondary schools opened their doors again...


Come and walk around on the campus of the boarding school in Karengera. The film was taken during the lockdown that's why there are no students (Thanks to #Shalom_Gabris)